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Who's Harry

Who's Harry
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Now in his eighth studio, Harry Langdon is enjoying new inspiration in his Beverly Hills location. In a career that has spanned over forty years in Hollywood, staying fresh in a very competitive field is what keeps Harry among the top commercial and glamour Photographers in the world.

The namesake son of a famous silent screen comedian, Langdon grew up backstage in the theatre. His father left Langdon a legacy of Hollywood imagination and fantasy. Eventually, Langdon discovered his own creativity was not in front of the camera like his father, but behind it. Photography became the vehicle to his own fame and fortune. He apprenticed with many Photographers and obtained his first studio at the age of 29. His first commercial clients were Max Factor and Ann-Margret.

Langdon says the routine of capturing an image is easy, but the difference is when the photographer captures energy and movement, revealing the character of the subject. His Hollywood career has captured celebrities, icons and idols. His clients have included Frank Sinatra, Heather Locklear, Raquel Welch, Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Halle Berry, Cher, Richard Burton and many more.
Cher Richard Burton Johnny Cash
According to Harry, creativity is important, but a large part of success is due to his enthusiasm for his own career. He always works to capture on film the images that portray his clients at their best. He constantly searches the limits of what is happening today, not only in the photography realm but also in fashion, music and film. By going to the theatre, art galleries, museums and movies to do research and get new inspiration, he has a constant turnover of creativity and ideas. Langdon gets ideas from such diverse sources as the Internet, music videos on MTV and science shows on Discovery.
Arnold Scwharzeneggar Halle Berry Raquel Welch

Harry is member of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce. Langdon lives in the community and participates in cultural and civic affairs. Many of his clients are his neighbours. He lives with his wife Lynne in the Hollywood.

Photographic Portraits have a life of their own,capturing little bits of spirit every time the shutter clicks.

Harry Langdon